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Hi, and welcome to Preparedness101.com! I’m glad you stopped by.  Take a look around and I’m sure you’ll find something helpful!

You know, I’d love to have $100,000 or so to build a bunker and stock it with everything my family would need for a few years — just in case!  I don’t have anywhere near that, so I’m a moderate “prepper” on a very, very tight budget.

My name is June and I have always been involved with basic homesteading skills, hand crafting, and generally doing most everything I could for myself.  It probably started because of early training.  My Dad wouldn’t let any of us drive until we knew how to change a tire.  Preparedness for any eventuality is important to me and through the years I think I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge; both through experience and through research.

Growing up on a farm in western Nebraska gave me a robust foundation with a lot of strong mentors to set examples. My dad farmed wheat and raised both cows and pigs. My mother taught school and worked on the farm. One grandma raised chickens and sold the eggs commercially, while the other raised a huge garden, preserved the harvest and sewed all the clothing for her family.

We always had a freezer and a root cellar full of food. If a storm was coming we didn’t have to raid the local grocery store!

Now I hope I can share some of my knowledge and make someone else’s journey just a little easier!

I spent many hours helping my parents and grandparents with myriad tasks and have a deeply instilled sense of self-sufficiency. These days such skills are becoming highly sought after, especially with the uncertainties that such things as the Covid pandemic have brought to light. I hope to offer insight, knowledge and tips that can help anyone prepare to be just a little more self-reliant.


I have always preferred to make, not buy, whenever I could. My family and friends have been the victim (or happy recipient, depending on their outlook) of my homemade gifts every year since I was in high school, starting with my first homemade soap that my brother-in-law said was the ONLY soap he could use on his sensitive skin! (Yay me!)

From that auspicious beginning I have endeavored to make and do for myself as much as I could. Thus, I have gleaned a lot of experience in preparedness skills through research and through trial and error.

Now, living in urban America without the benefits inherent in a farming lifestyle, self-reliance is a necessity for my sanity.

We all know, nothing is simple if you don’t know how to do it. Once you know how, it’s a completely different story. We also know it’s much easier to do something if you have someone to tell you or show you what to do or not do, rather than just jumping in and learning everything for yourself — the hard way.

Every skill you master helps your overall self-confidence and helps you gain peace of mind that you can handle anything that comes your way.


I believe that helping others is an integral part of the “grand scheme of things”, however you personally define that.  Studies show that by helping others we, ourselves, benefit in many ways.  It’s the way of the world!

For me, personally, I know that our world can be an uneasy place and nothing is guaranteed. I hope to help you gain more control over how comfortable your life will be, no matter what comes.  Being prepared is a big part of my life and much of my discussion will cover how-to’s, DIY’s, product reviews, doing things on a budget, basic survival skills our forefathers (and foremothers) used daily, and most any aspect of being prepared.

Being prepared can mean many things. I want to help you, no matter if you live in an urban, suburban or rural area, be a little more self-reliant and a little more able to weather any storm or any upheaval in our society with more confidence and in more comfort.

It is pointless to waste your time or resources in trial and error when you can avail yourself of many experts who have already gone through the same things.  I hope to become one of those experts you can rely on.


Whether it’s a blizzard, power outage, loss of income, or the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI), the possibility of some sort of “disaster” is very real.  Each new skill or tip you implement will build your confidence that you are more ready, no matter what may come.

Knowledge is the most important tool for any situation. It is much easier to tackle a task if know what has worked or not worked before, and maybe even why.

The peace of mind that comes from knowing you are more and more prepared to keep you and your family buffered and safe is priceless!

As an aside, though I do have a place in the country I can “bug out” to, I only have a small camper parked there, with no water, no bunker and no finances, but MAYBE a possibility of a garden (the soil is rocky clay that needs serious help).  Therefore, my best bet is to stay where I am and “bug out” only when it makes sense.  So I will mostly be writing about what I can do or am doing at my primary urban location.  Though I hope to post updates on how my low-tech water collection system and my low-tech “remote” gardening fares, as I am able to implement them.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out as best I can.

All the best,


Founder of Preparedness 101


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